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At Dugan's Drywall & Painting, our courteous and professional crews take every opportunity to show you The Dugan Difference.  When looking for interior painters for your project, you will undoubtedly be bombarded with options.  What sets Dugan's apart from all the other painters in Upstate, SC is our dedication to protecting your property, throrough prep work, use of high quality paint, and expertise with faux finishing and textures.

You want your project to disrupt your life or business the least amount possible.  You work hard for your home and belongings, so we work hard to protect them. From covering your floors and furniture to making sure that all valuables and delicate items are safe, it is our goal to leave your home or business in perfect condition.

When selecting a painter, the most important thing to consider is how detailed and thorough the prep work is completed.  Repairing wall cracks, cracks from settling, screw holes, nails, dents, nicks, and dings is crucial to quality painting.  You can have the greatest painter in the world, but it means nothing if the surface is flawed.  Our painters pay close attention to every detail to ensure that every surface to be painted is prepared and primed.

Dugan's understands that painters are only as good as the paint they use.  High quality paint is key in producing high quality results; this is why we use Sherwin Williams paint unless something else is requested by the customer.  It is important to keep in mind that high quality paint requires fewer coats, which in the long run, saves you money.

If you have considered a faux finish or texture to spruce up your design, Dugan's Drywall & Painting can help.  We have experience creating finishes and textures based on our customers' needs.  If you have an idea, we will work to make it a reality.  If you need ideas, we have plenty to share!
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